Mexican & Asian Films on DVD
We have been collecting Mexican and Asian fantasy films for approximately 20 years, and during that time, we have put together one of the finest collections of genre films in existence. Click on the picture links below to view complete lists of all films were currently have available from our collections. However, there are many obscure titles which have still eluded us. Further below, there are also links to our "Want Lists" of films that we're still seeking to add to our Asian and Mexican collections, plus I'm seeking a number of official Celestial/Shaw Brothers DVDs and VCDs. Please contact us if you have any of the titles on our various want lists. We'll be happy to buy or trade for any films which we are lacking.

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Mexican Films: All Genres

Original IVL / Celestial Shaw Brothers DVDs for Sale

Factory Boxed VHS and DVDs for Sale

English-dubbed Mexican Films

Santo (and other Wrestling related) Documentary films

Asian Fantasy Films

We want to thank David Wilt for his kind help in writing many of the film descriptions listed on the Mexican pages. Without his indispensable book, 'The Mexican Filmography' (McFarland, 2004), the task of writing descriptions of all these films would have been almost impossible. We paraphrased his reviews for most of the synopsis we used for the films. If you don't yet have a copy of Dave's book, there will soon be a new paperback edition released -- likely toward the end of 2010.

**Original, Shaw Brothers DVDs and VCDs I'm Looking For**

**Mexican Films We Still Need**

**Asian Films We Still Need**

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