What is a Screen Style Poster?

Screen Style (or Silk Screen) Posters are variations of standard Mexican onesheet posters. They are sometimes just slightly larger than typical Mexican onesheets (approximately 27x39.5 inches) and are printed on slightly heavier quality paper. However the main difference is that 'Screen' posters have the painted artwork applied using a silk-screen process, while standard Mexican posters are printed. The silk screen uses a stencil made from fabric to apply layers of paint to various portions of the poster. A different stencil is used for each color. The artwork is almost always quite similar to the standard onesheets, however the screen posters lack the subtle details present in printed posters. In addition to less detail, flaws are fairly common on screen posters (such as paint chipping and smudges). But many collectors actually prefer the look of screen posters. The colors are often quite vibrant and the process gives posters an almost 'hand-painted' look.

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