What is a JLC or LC or GLC?

Mexican lobby cards come in different sizes, but they all share some common traits. The majority of the card (often 75 percent or more) is covered by colorful graphics - usually similar to the artwork used for the onesheet posters. Generally, the cards have only a relatively small inset picture, which shows an actual scene from the film. (These inset scenes were usually black & white during the 1950s and 1960s -- and color thereafter. However, there are exceptions!) The border art is always the same on all cards of the set -- only the inset scene differs from card to card. Here are the abreviations we've used on these pages to differenciate between the cards:

JLC stands for "Jumbo lobby card." These are the most common type of lobby card used to promote Mexican films. The average JLC measures approximately 12.5x16.5" -- with the majority of the card covered by colorful artwork. We call these 'Jumbo' lobby cards, because they are larger than standard 11x14" cards. JLCs usually came in sets of 8 cards.

LC stands for "lobby card." LCs are smaller than JLCs, usually measuring approximately 11x14." Otherwise, they are similar to JLCs. The films released by Columbia Studios of Mexico usually used LCs, rather than JLCs. LCs always came in sets of 8.

GLC stands for "giant lobby card." These cards are much larger than typical lobby cards and actually look far more like a half-sheet poster than a lobby card. GLCs measure approximately 16.5"x 24" and are printed on heavy stock paper. They were produced in place of standard Mexican lobby cards for some films in the early 1970s (particularly for the films released by Rogelio Agrasanchez). The border art is the same on all cards of the set, only the inset scene is different. Like standard lobby cards, GLCs came in sets of 8.

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