Here's more information on the VCD format: VCDs stands for: Video Compact Disc -- an alternate video format to DVD, which is widely used in a number of Asian countries. The movies are printed on CD discs, rather than DVD discs, so far less information can be held on a single disc. This results in two main differences between VCDs and DVDs. First, VCDs are usually issued in sets of two discs per film, rather than a single disc for a DVD. Second, since CDs have far less storage capacity than DVDs, the video quality for VCDs is noticeably lower than for DVDs. The typical VCD has video quality somewhat better than VHS tapes, but well below the clarity in DVDs. VCDs are usually region-free, and they can be played on most standard DVD players.


PLEASE NOTE: The 2-disc sets are usually issued in CD sized plastic cases, which are specially designed to hold both discs. However, when I purchased a group of VCDs from Malaysia years ago, they were shipping with the discs and the original box art / slip cover only -- the plastic cases were not included. Therefore, many of the Malaysian VCDs on this page will be sent in standard music CD cases. In other words, you are buying original discs and box art/slip cover, but the clear plastic cases may be a replacement.

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