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If when your friends discuss the merits of The Shawshank Redemption, your mind drifts toward Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro, you need to find someone who understands you. You need Santo Street, the first U.S. publication dealing exclusively with Mexican wrestler, horror and science fiction films.

Santo Street's newsletter is chock full of photos, articles, reviews, filmographies and other useless information on everything from wrestling-film stars like, Santo, Blue Demon, Neutron, Mil Mascaras and the Wrestling Women ... to classic Mexican monsters such as, the Aztec Mummy, the Brainiac, the cursed Doll People and the vampiric Nostradamus. Each issue features interviews with some of the biggest stars of Mexican genre films such as; Lorena Velazquez, German Robles, Blue Demon, Ariadna Welter and many others, as well as in-depth coverage of the growing hobby of collecting Mexican film posters and memorabilia.

Much of the information here is not available in any other current source, so if Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy is one of your favorite films, you can't afford not to purchase a full set of the 18 issues of, Santo Street. 


Back Issues (1-18) of Santo Street for Sale:

#1 (4 pages) Santo Filmography (part 1), Collecting Mexican Film Posters, Aztec Mummy Films, Who is Santo, Papa?

#2 (6 pgs) Interview with the Agrasanchez Brothers, Mexican Vampire Films, Santo Filmography (part 2), Masked Wrestler Guide (part 1), Curse of the Crying Woman.

#3 (6 pgs) Fernando Oses Interview, Masked Wrestler Guide (part 2), Blue Demon Filmography, Mexican Vampire Films (part 2), Man and the Monster.

#4 (8 pgs) Champions of Justice Article, Rogelio Agrasanchez Interview, Mexican Werewolf Films, Mil Mascaras Filmography, German Robles in Paris, Collecting Santo Lobby Cards, The Living Head.

#5 (10 pgs) Mil Mascaras Interview (part 1), Brainiac Centerfold, Mexican Frankenstein Films, Miguel Morayta Films, Lorena Velazquez Filmography, Santo Down Under, The Brainiac.

#6 (10 pgs) Mil Mascaras Interview (part 2), Incredible Profesor Zovek, Chano Urueta's Films, Mexican Robots, Actress Bios/Filmographies (part 1), S-Files in France, Collecting Mil Mascaras Posters, Doctor of Doom, Curse of the Doll People.

#7 (12 pgs) Blue Demon Interview, Mexican Reptilian Monster Films, Rafael Baledon's Films, Actress Bios/Filmographies (part 2), Momias de Guanajuato Series, Collecting Masked Hero Posters, Santofornia Dreamin, Neutron vs. the Maniac.

#8 (14 pgs) Lorena Velazquez Interview, Actress Bios/Filmographies (part 3), Mexican Witchcraft Films, Alfredo Crevenna Films (part 1), Momias de Guanajuato Series (part 2), Mexican Coverage in Genre Film Magazines, Campeones Justicieros 25th Reunion, S-Files, Collecting Mexican Hero Lobby Cards.

#9 (16 pgs) Tinieblas Interview, Alfonso Corona Blake's Films, Mexican Space Alien Films, Actress Bios/Filmographies (part 4), Santo's Vergara Films (part 1), Collecting Vampire Film Posters, Film Reviews, S-Files, News and Notes.

#10 (16 pgs) Elsa Cardenas Interview, Alfredo Crevenna Films (part 2), Miscellaneous Mexican Monster Films, Actor Bios/Filmographies (part 1), Santo's Vergara Films (part 2), Collecting Wrestler Action Figures, S-Files, Film Reviews, Results of the Reader's Survey.

#11 (16 pgs) Alfredo Crevenna Interview, Actor Bios/Filmographies (part 2), La Llorona Films, Little Red Riding Hood Series, Santo's Two Debut Films, Collecting Wrestler Action Figures (part 2), Film Reviews, Foreign Masks.

#12 (16 pgs) Ana Luisa Peluffo Interview, Mexican Haunted House Comedies, Actor Bios/Filmographies (part 3), Boris Karloff's Mexican Movies, Blue Demon's Vergara Films, Film Reviews, Collecting Santo Onesheet Posters.

#13 (16 pgs) El Santo Interview, Actor Bios/Filmographies (part 4), Mexican Female-Spy Films, Mil Mascaras' Vergara Films, Collecting 'Luchador' Masks, U.S. Masked Hero Films, S-Files, Film Reviews, The Written Word.

#14 (16 pgs) Capulina Interview, Actor Bios/Filmographies (part 5), Noe Murayama, Satanism and Voodoo in Mexican Films, The 'Leones del Ring' Series, La Sombra Vengadora Films, Collecting Cabral (part 1), Infra Man, Film Reviews, The Written Word.

#15 (16 pgs) Huracan Ramirez Interview, Actor Bios/Filmographies (part 6), Debut Films of Hijo del Santo, Mexican Dinosaur Films, Collecting Cabral Posters (part 2), Japanese Masked Heroes, Blaxploitation Mexican Style, Film Reviews, The Written Word.

#16 (16 pgs) German Robles Interview, Mexican Comedian Bios/Filmographies, Satanism and Voodoo in Mexican Films, Santo's Most Prolific Year, Frankenstein - Mexican Style, Supersonic Man, The Birth of the Mexican Wrestling Hero, Tere Velazquez, Film Reviews, The Written Word.

#17 (16 pgs) Ariadna Welter Interview, Director Bios/Filmographies (part 1), The Lighter Side of Satan, The Films of Capulina, The End of Santo, Foreign Masks, Collecting Mexican Comic Books (part 1), Collecting Movie Stills, Film Reviews, The Written Word.

#18 (16 pgs) Gilberto Martinez Solares Interview, Director Bios/Filmographies (part 2), The Neutron Film Series, The Crime Fighting Jaguars, Lost Mexican Movie Stars, Multi-Monster Mayhem, Foreign Masks, Collecting Mexican Comics (part 2), Film Reviews, The Written Word.

All back issues are $4 each.


Send $4 per issue (plus add $2 for U.S. shipping to your order) to:

Brian Moran, P.O. Box 196215, Winter Springs, FL, 32719.


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