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Asian films we are looking for:

Santo Street is searching for the Asian (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, Cambodia, etc.) horror / fantasy / sci-fi movies listed below and we'll be happy to buy, or trade to get them. For some of these titles, we just want to upgrade lesser quality copies, or get copies with subtitles. However, on others, we will take any quality we can get. Please contact us if you have good quality copies of any of these elusive titles:

Films we need (any language): Alyas Batman and Robin (1965), Amazons of Hong Kong (1980), Angels Must Be Crazy (19xx?, upgrade), Ape's Daughter vs. Dragon Devil (Part 1 & 2 - 1960, HK) Appu Raja (1989, aka - Apoorva Sahodarargal), Asylum of Love (1987), Azimat (1958, aka - The Talisman), Badang (1962), Balak aur Janwar (1975, India), Batman Fights Dracula (1967), Beautiful Queen of Hell (1965, HK), Beauty of the Grave Sets Fire to the Coffin Spirit (Part 1 & 2 - 1959, HK), Beyond the Grave (1954, Shaw Brothers), Bira, Darna, Bira! (1979), Black Centipede (1963), Blood Maniac (1986), Bloody Hand Goddess (1985, Upgrade), Bloody Smile (1980), Bloody Sword of the 99th Virgin (1959, upgrade), Blue Lamp in a Winter Night (1974), Brain Stealers (1968, Hong Kong - upgrade), Carnal Sutra Mat (1987, aka - Yu Pui Tsuen), Chinese Magic (1982, upgrade), Chompa Toung (1969, upgrade: aka - Crocodile Men 2), Darawasa (1983), Darna (1951), Darna and the Giants (1974, upgrade), Darna, the Magic Woman (1980, upgrade: aka - Darna Ajaib), Darna vs. the Planet Women (1975, upgrade), Darna at ang Babaing Lawin (1952, aka - Darna and the Hawkwoman), Darna at ang Babaing Tuod (1965, Upgrade - aka - Darna and the Tree Monster), Darna at ang Planetman (1969, aka - Darna and the Planetman), Darna Kuno (1979), Dendam Dari Pusara (1983, aka - Revenge from the Grave), Dendam Pontianak (1957), Devil's Own (1988), Devil's Sword (1957), Diva in the Netherworld (1980, upgrade), Doctor Shaitan (1960, India), Drakula Goes to R.P. (1973), Dwarf Sorcerer (1974, upgrade: aka - Magic Kid), Eight Dieties (1966), Eight Fairies' Adventures in the Eastern Sea (1963), Eight Immortals in the World of Men (1951), Elephant Wife (1980, upgrade), Elusive Song of the Vampire (1987), Fantasi (1991), Fight Batman Fight (1973), Fight for Survival (1977, Taiwan), Fire Fight (1988), Flyer of a Young Prodigal (1982, upgrade), Freedom from the Greedy Grave (1989), Gagak Hitam (1937, aka - Black Crow), Gendai Kunoichi Niku Jigoku (1968, aka - Modern Female Ninja: Flesh Hell), Ghost Mansion (1987), Ghost Mountain (1978, upgrade), Ghost of the Hunchback (1965, upgrade), Goddess' Sword (1963), Grudge of the Moon Lady (1980), Guardian and She-Ghost of Shaolin (1984), Gul-Bakawali (1963), Haunted Temple (1961, HK), Heaven, Hell, and the Crystal Palace (1965), Hellgate (1970, Shaw Brothers), Host for a Ghost (1988), House of the Lute (1979), How Wong Fei-Hung Fought Five Dragons Single-Handedly (1956), Hungry Snake Woman (1986, aka - Petualangan Cinta Nyi Blorong -- uncut version), Igau-Igau (1989, aka - Nightmare), Ilmu Saka (1984, aka - Evil Heritage), Invincible Swordsman (1977, Taiwan - upgrade), Isputnik vs. Darna (1963), Itthirit Nammanphrai (1984, Thailand), Judge Bao's Night Trial of the Living Dead (1959, HK), July Spirit (1986), King Kong's Adventures in the Heavely Palace (1959), Konm Eak Madia Arb (1980, aka - My Mother is Arb), Krai Thorng Krawper Charavan (1987, aka - Crocodile Men), Krasue (1982, Thailand), Krasue Grahailuead (1995, Thailand), Krasue Sao (1973, Thailand), Krasue Sing (1990, Thailand), Lady Bond (1966, HK), Lady Ghost and the Cannibal Girl (1988), Last Vampire (1980s), Lewd Lizard (1985, upgrade), Lipad, Darna, Lipad! (1973, aka - Fly, Darna, Fly!), Little Devil (1969, HK - Upgrade), Little Dragon Girl Teases White Snake Spirit (1963), Lost Samurai Sword (1977, Taiwan, aka - Lost Swordship), Love Foolery Case for a Severed Head (1967, upgrade), Magic Pearl in a Haunted Valley (1965), Magic Head Princess' Battle with the Flying Dragon (1960, HK), Magic Mirror, Mythical Pearl (Part 1 & 2 - 1962, HK), Magical Flying Swordsman (1951), Magician Wars (1987), Main-Main Hantu (1990, aka - Ghostly Romp), Manananggal in Manila (1997), Manananggal vs. Mangkukulam (1960s, Phillipines), Marriage of the Beautiful Corpse (1960, HK), Mata Hantu (1938, aka - Ghost Eyes), Mata Shaitan (1962), Mid-Nightmare (1962, Shaw Brothers), Mid-Nightmare 2 (1963, Shaw Brothers), Momotaro Young Dragon (1970), Neraka Lembah Tengkorak (1988, Indonesia), New Tale of the Flying Crane (1963), Ninkyo Yawara Ichidai (1966), Ninja, the Violent Sorceror (1982, upgrade), Oil of Eternal Life (1987, Thailand), Orang Minyak (1958), Operation Bangkok (1967, Thailand), Orumcek Adam (1966, aka - Spider Man), Pancha Delima (1957), Pasung Puaka (1979, aka - Haunted Cage), Pemuja Cakar Iblis (1990s?), Perawan Malam (1988, aka - Lady Vampire), Perjanjian Syaitan (1981, aka - Pact with the Devil), Phantom Madam Peach Blossom (1975, upgrade), Poison Rose (1966, HK), Pontianak (1956), Pontianak Kembali (1963), Powerful Sword, Magical Flute (1965), Pregnant by a Ghost (1975), Purana Purush (1978), Rahsia (1987, aka - the Secret), Red Girl (1970s ?), Resort Called Hell, a (1972), Revenge of the Ape-Girl (1963), Revenge of the Ghost (1981), Searching for the Husband's Corpse Under the Sea (1958), Secret, the (1979, upgrade), Secret Agent and the Mysterious Gang (1966), Seduction After (1979), Semangat Ular (1972), Si Darna at ang Impakta (1963, aka - Darna and the Evil Twins), Skeleton Whip (1964), Snake Devil (1995), Spy No. 13 (1964), Snake-Girl and the Flying Monster (1962), Special Agent X-7 (1967), Special Silencers (1979, Indonesia), Street Racing Grasueh (1970s?), Sumpah Mahsuri (1989, aka - Mahsuri's Curse), Sumpah Semerah Padi (1981, aka - Curse of Semerah Padi), Sunehri Nagin (1963, India), Super Batman & Mazinger V, (1990, Korea - aka Super Betaman), Super Inday and the Golden Bibe (1988, upgrade), Sword Killed Devils (1981, upgrade), Syahadat (1992), Tagani (1967), Tayard Krasue Sawass (1970s?), Tetsuwan Atomu (1962, upgrade: aka - Astro Boy: Live Action), Three Supermen and the Mad Girl (1973, upgrade), Three Swords and the Sky Monster (1962), Tianak (1953), Top Secret, (1967, Thailand, aka - Khon Nuer Khon), Topeng Hitam (1937, aka - Black Mask), Topeng Shaitan (1938, aka - Devil's Mask), Touch of Love (1980), Tuah (1989, aka - Magic Power), Two Women from Netherworld (1982), Vampire Raiders (1988, upgrade), Vengeance of the Vampire (1954, Shaw Brothers), Wajah Ayu (1994, aka - Black Widow), Wedding Dress of the Ghost (1981), When All Hell Broke Loose (1980s?, upgrade), Who's the Ghost in Sleepy Hollow (1989), Witch with the Flying Head (1982, upgrade), Wrongly Killed Girl (1988, Upgrade), and Wu-Roi: Dragon from Outer Space (1985, upgrade).


We would also trade for upgrades on any of the films on our main list that are rated Q-2 or lower.

Films we have, but we need versions with English subtitles: Blood of an Indian Fetish Cult (1980s), Boy and His Magic Box (1975), Crocodile Evil (1986), Demons in Flame Mountain (1983), Devil and the Ghostbuster (1989), Devil Design (1987), Devil Yielded to God (1984), Elephant Wife (1969, aka - Leech Girl), Fairy and the Devil (1983), Fairy Fox and Ghost (1970), Flying Centipede (1994), Forced Nightmare (1992), Four Beautiful Women (1980s ?), General Stone (1976), Ghost Bride Takes Revenge (19xx ?), Ghost Gambler (1991), Ghost Nursing (1987), Ghost's Sword (1971), Golden Nun (1987), Haunted House (1985), Hell's Gate, the (1967), Hello Dracula (1) - Vampire Kid (1985), Hello Dracula (4) - Magical Priest (1988), Hello Dracula - TV series (1988), Jumping Corpses (1993), Legend of the Broken Sword (1979), Legend of the Eight Knights (1980), Legend of the Living Corpse (1980), Little Flying Dragon (1982), Love in the Time of Twilight (1995), Love of the Other World (1980s), Mad Vampires (1980s), Magic Serpent (1966), Mid-Night (1981), Mixed Up (1985), Money Maker (1991), Monkey War (1982), Ninja the Final Dual 2 (1986), Old Lock (1977), One Armed Magic Nun (1969), Quija Sexorcism (1988), Robo Vampire (1988), School for Vampires (1990), Sea Gods and Ghosts (1971), Sex and Curse (1992), Shadow of Ghost (1981), Sherlock Holmes and the Chinese Heroine (1994), Shocking (1987), Snake Girl Drops In (1986), Snake Woman's Marriage (1975), Strange Tales of Ghosts (1989), Tale of a Ghost and Fox (1970), Tattoo Girl (1993), Toothless Vampires (1987), Valiant Villain, a (1975), Vampire Strikes Back (1988), Vampire Woman (1962, aka - Bloodsucking Woman), Visa to Hell (1990), Voyage of the Dead (1954), Witch with the Flying Head (1982), Wolf Girl (1981), and Young Flying Hero (1970).

We have English-dubbed versions of the following films, but we need the original-language versions (preferably with English subtitles): Attack of the Joyful Goddess (1983), Bio Kids (1989), Blind Warrior (1987), Boy God (1983, aka - Roco Ang Batang Bato), Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978), Bruce: Kung Fu Girls (1977), Brutal Sorcery (1986), Calamity of Snakes (1983), Clones of Bruce Lee (1977), Dangerous Seductress (1992), Dark Lady of Kung Fu (1981), Deadly Snail vs. Kung Fu Killer (1977), Demon Fighter (1983, aka - Night Orchid ... or ... Faster Blade Poisonous Darts), Devil's Dynamite (1987), Devil's Sword (1983, aka - Gorok Setan), Diamond Ninja Force (1986), Dragon Against Vampire (1985), Dragon Lives Again (1977), Drunken Dragon (1979), Enter the Seven Virgins (1974), Everlasting Duel (1982), Firefist of the Incredible Dragon (1983), Flash Future Kung Fu (1984), General Invincible (1984), Golden Destroyers (1985), Golden Queen Commando (1982), Invincible Obsessed Fighter (1983), Island Warriors (1981), Jade Dagger Ninja (1982), Jungle Virgin Force (1983), Killer of Snake, Fox of Shaolin (1978), Killing of Satan (1983), Kung Fu Emperor (1983), Kung Fu Arts: Horse, Monkey and Tiger (1978), Kung Fu vs. Yoga (1979), Kung Fu Zombie (1982), Lady Terminator (1988, aka - Pembalasan Ratu Pantai Selatan), Legend of Shaolin Temple (1981, aka - Abbot White), Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974), Lion Man (1975, aka - Kilic Aslan), Lion Man 2 (1983), Little Hero (1978), Magic of the Universe (1987), Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin (1977), Nine Demons (1984), Ninja Checkmate (1979, aka - Mystery of Chess Boxing), Ninja Hunter (1986), Ninja the Final Dual (1986), Pink Force Commando (1982), Queen of Black Magic (1979), Renegade Ninjas (1989), Return of the Kung Fu Dragon (1976), Revenge of the Ninja (1984, aka - Gadis Berwajah Seribu), Shaolin Invincibles (1977), Vampire is Alive (1989), War of the Wizards (1980), Warrior, the (1981, aka - Jaka Sembung Sang Penakluk), Warrior vs. the Blind Swordsman (1983, aka - Si Buta Lawan Jaka Sembung), and Zodiac Fighters (1978, aka - Dragon Zombies Return). (Please, NO English-dubbed versions in the above group.)

We would also like: Any other pre-2000 Asian horror / fantasy / sci-fi films that are not listing on our main DVD pages, or on this page (there are many, many films out there we are unaware of -- and we want them all). This includes X-rated adult films with supernatural elements. We especially want all films featuring hopping ghosts/vampires, those that have flying dismembered heads, or those dealing with the 'Monkey King' legend (Journey to the West Kingdom).

We also collect the following Asian film related items:

1. Original movie posters on any Asian fantasy films of the 1950s through the early 1990s.

2. Original B&W movie photos / stills with scenes of any vintage Asian fantasy films .... or ..... Original B&W movie photos / stills of Asian actresses who appeared in these films (such as Brigitte Lin, Yukari Oshima, Lin Hsiao Lan, Kara Hui, Moon Lee, Cheng Pei-Pei, Cynthia Khan, Michelle Yeoh, Rosamund Kwan, Pauline Chan, Cheung Man, Maggie Cheung, Anita Mui, Pearl Cheong, Loletta Lee, Angela Mao, Joey Wong, Amy Yip, etc.)

3. Toys from the 1980s and early 1990s featuring hopping ghosts/vampires.

4. Any vintage items (1960s or earlier) featuring robots (toys, book covers, movie stills, vintage photos, posters, pulp magazines, etc.)

......Thank you!

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