In April of 1994, we introduced Santo Street ... the first U.S. publication dealing exclusively with Mexican wrestler, horror and fantasy cinema. This website is dedicated to the fans and collectors of those strange, but highly entertaining films. During the 20+ years that we've been involved in this hobby, we have accumulated an amazing variety of collectibles relating to Mexican films. We offer these items for sale, on these pages.

You won't find a larger or more varied selection of Mexi memorabilia anywhere. Where else can you buy posters, toys, comics, and DVDs featuring Santo, Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras? Where else can you purchase movie posters designed by Cabral, Renau, or other famous artists. Where else is there is there a wide selection of posters and lobby cards from films starring Mexican cinema icons, like: Pedro Infante, Maria Felix, Cantinflas, Luis Aguilar, Dolores del Rio, Tin Tan and many others? Where else can you find rare autographs of Lorena Velazquez, German Robles, Capulina, Blue Demon and more? Where is can you find The Brainiac, The Aztec Mummy or The Wrestling Women? And where else can you locate those incredibly rare back-issues from our very own newsletter, Santo Street?

In Walmart? I think not.

We hope you enjoy your visit!

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