In the United States, Ernesto Garcia Cabral is probably best known as a movie poster artist. His poster art has become extremely popular with collectors of film memorabilia, who appreciate the whimsical style and vibrant coloring he brought to his work. Some of the classic Cabral posters include: Que Lindo Cha Cha Cha (with Ana Bertha Lepe in a devil's costume) and Medico de las Locas (which featured Mexican comedian Tin Tan in a Salvador Dali like setting). We have many posters designed by Cabral available for purchase on our Mainstream poster pages.

However, in his native Mexico, Cabral was best remembered as a political cartoonist. It was in this function, he worked for Jueves Magazine from the 1920s through the 1960s. Jueves was a newsprint-style magazine, which combined serious stories on politics, science and current news events ... with wide coverage of the entertainment industries (including sports, the arts, cinema and fashion). The magazine featured full-color covers, with sepiatone or black and white inside pages. Cabral was the magazine's most frequent cover artist, and his fans who are only aware of his work in the film industry, have only seen a very small percentage of the man's incredible work (not to mention, genius).

We are proud to here offer a selection of Jueves Magazines, with covers drawn by two wonderful artists, Cabral and Freyre. Like Cabral's art, Freyre's covers are bursting life, humor, and irony -- all in large doses.

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