El Enmascarado de Plata (Santo) Ediciones Completa: Jose Cruz

This very scarce series of Santo comic books were produced in Mexico during the 1950s, 1960s and into the early 1970s. Like standard Santo comics, they were written and produced by Jose G. Cruz. Each 'Ediciones Completa' comics comprised an entire 8-issue story of the standard Santo Comics -- but in one book instead of eight. Each story line in the standard 'El Santo' series comprised 8 issues. In other words, issue #1 began a story that was completed in issue #8. A new story began in issue #9 and continued through issue #16. This went on for the entire run of the series. The producers of the Santo series took the inside pages of each of the 8 issues that comprised a complete story and bound them together into a single book. So each 'Ediciones Completa' was like an early graphic novel -- 258 pages long -- telling one complete story. These books were produced mainly to be rented in special 'libraries,' which charged a fee to check them out. They were produced in small numbers, far fewer than the individual Santo comic books. And because they were rented out time and time again, they are almost impossible to find in good condition. When you can find them, most issues of this series will have missing or badly damaged covers, wear on the first few and last few pages, and sometimes missing pages as well. In most issues, the issue number does not appear in the inside pages -- only on the cover. So if the covers are damaged or replaced, it is often difficult to determine the correct issue number. In cases where we cannot find the number, we have entered the approximate number and the date. Sometimes, the story ends on the next to last page and sometimes it ends on the last page -- so if the last page is missing, the story may or may not be complete. All issues on this page show extremely heavy use and wear. We have tried to note any additional condition issues (beyond general wear) with the covers and inside pages. Our grading system is not based on any standard comic book grading scale ... it is a basic common sense grading based on the average condition of Santo comics and on the condition of the covers. Unless otherwise noted, all inside pages are present and easily readable, so the stories are complete. REMEMBER: On each of the issues listed below, you are getting 8 complete Santo comics combined into one book.

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Santo Comics - Series 3

Blue Demon Comics

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Number / Year
Condition / Price


Front cover is partially missing ... back cover completely missing ... inside pages in nice shape ... some paper loss on spine.

Poor - SOLD


Front cover replaced with wrong vintage cover ... back cover replaced with wrong color Xerox cover ... The last 2 pages of the book are replaced by vintage pages from another comic -- so the ending is missing ... paper loss on first inside page ... tears on a few inside pages ... heavy wear on spine.

Poor/Fair - $55


Front cover worn ... color Xerox back cover ... missing final 32 pages - book ends on page 226 -- so you are only getting 7 comics in this book ... some damage on spine.

Poor - $45


Front cover damaged/heavy wear ... back cover damaged/heavy wear/repaired ... missing last inside page, so story may be incomplete ... heavy damage on spine.

Poor - $55


Front cover damaged/worn ... back cover damaged/worn ... tear on last inside page ... light blue color pencil marks on a few inside pages ... paper loss on spine.

Fair - $75


Front cover has repaired paper loss and some wear ... back cover is missing ... tape and writing on first inside page ... tape on last inside page.

Poor - $55


Front cover has a bit paper adhered to surface ... back cover replaced with generic paper ... crease near lower right corner ... some paper loss on spine.

Fair/Good - $85


Front cover damaged/repaired ... color Xerox back cover ... some paper loss on last inside page.

Poor/Fair - $65


Color Xerox front cover ... back cover has heavy wear/repairs ... light wear on spine.

Poor/Fair - SOLD

Santo Comics - Series 3

Blue Demon Comics
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