How we grade our DVD quality

The video and sound quality of movies will vary, based on the original source of the film. If a film has been officially released on DVD, it is likely to be available with superb image/sound quality. However, if a film has never been officially released on DVD, the quality is likely to be weaker -- sometimes much weaker. Most films on these pages have never had an official DVD release, so they simply are not available with perfect quality. We are constantly upgrading our collection, so that we can provide the best quality which is available on any given film.


The chart below will give you a good idea what to expect, from each quality rating:

Q-4 or Q-3.5 … Excellent quality -- The equivalent of an official remastered DVD.

Q-3 … Fine quality -- A particularly good transfer from a very strong VHS original. (This will be an above-average copy)

Q-2.5 … Very Good quality - basically a transfer from a slightly above-average VHS original, or one copied from an excellent TV broadcast (most likely from cable channels). (This will be an average, to slightly-above-average copy.)

Q-2 … Good quality - A transfer from a slightly-below-average original, or from an average TV broadcast. (This film will be an average, to slightly-below-average.)

Q-1.5 … Fair Quality - A 3rd, or maybe 4th generation copy, or a copy from a weak TV broadcast. (This will be watchable, but certainly a below-average copy.)

Q-1 … Poor Quality: A 4th, 5th or worse generation copy – very fuzzy and mostly unwatchable.

Overall, I would say the average quality of the films we offer would probably be approximately: Q-2/2.5



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